This is what some of our event attendees are saying…

“Walnut Creek Events has succeeded in creating sophisticated networking events on a par with San Francisco, without the drive.”

“One of the BEST networking groups in the bay area! Thanks for putting it together. It was a blast, met great people and new friends! Looking forward to the next one”

“This is a great group with people that want to expand their network… I feel really comfortable and I’m really looking forward to attending the next events!”

“I really want to thank David for this awesome event!. It was a very high level networking and I made really good contacts (including David) and hopefully new friends too. David welcomed everyone and made a very successful event from every point of view. I felt really good and recommend it. I will definitively go to the upcoming events of the Walnut Creek group.”

“I didn’t arrive till after 7 and the event was still going strong. Lots of people to meet – all of you so interesting! – and I had a wonderful time. David was an awesome host, connecting people who would benefit from meeting each other. Looking forward to the next one!”

“When I first arrived, David was the first person to welcome me and help me break the ice with a few people. I felt very comfortable and I had a great time meeting wonderful new friends and business partners!…  I can’t wait for the next event”

“Normally I’m not big on networking, but this was a great event. There was a good mix of professionals representing many different facets of the work world. Everyone seemed very engaged and each person I approached was inviting. I hope I was able to make others feel as comfortable. I look forward to attending more, and chatting with folks that I missed tonight. Thanks David, for putting together a great event. I would definitely say it was a great success.”

“Fabulous! Thank you for doing this David. It was great meeting you and many other people tonight. ”

“Great group and cannot wait until the next meeting.”

“I find it effective way of meeting up quality people.”

“I love it. I will attend again.”

  • Lucky Strike San Francisco Business Networking Event
    Lucky Strike San Francisco Business Networking Event

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